Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hasif & Ryna mengikat cinta hahaha..

ok!! sila geli ngan title di atas!! those are not my words. it belong to my previous mentor in photography who responsible to bring me in this kind of business. orait.. this engagement party was belong to Hasif and Rina. my partner, mahadi (btw, he is insurance seller) , i as  photog and zaki as videographer were very lucky to get this chance to shoot this event coz they were preparing a very tip top roasted lamb and briyani gam. sori to say it here but they were totally burst my lust. haha.. (balik dengan
kenyang beb! even otw balik tue agak jem coz TMJ dtg kluang on that time. mengidam roti bakar and kopi railwy station gamaknye..)

so, i am the one who responsible to edit all the pics, making the story book, and those stuff. really quite happy with my job that time coz this was kind a second album that i fully edited. actually i kind uneasy with my team coz they were charging this pair based on the car that they used (m5, mini cooper sport and neo lotus to be precise) and their parent status. come on man!! aku bukn xnk amik untung lebih tp base on hasil keje aku, aku rase mcm mhal gak r diorng kene, tp aku bley buat ape. budak baru blaja. tp las2 aku gak yg dpt paling skit. ala2 bengang gak r.. tp mals care r.. orng tamak slalu rugi.. tgk, diorng kawin aku dengar amik orng lain dah.. padan muke!! (ngan aku pon terasa skali)

ok!! enough membebel. so, enjoy the pics.

btw, this week i have 2 tests. just finished one just now, it was disaster, dh la mse tgh jwab, mengaru kepala yg tak gatal pas2 leh plak tibe2 terbau kentut..( kompem mkn telur basi nie.) blood preasure increase!! btw, b4 we were dismiss, the lecturer said "if you want to drop this subject, u have until this friday to do so" what the heck!! wawa.. manufac on this thursday. hope i can do it! wish me luck

btw, i am going to climb Gunung Tahan, the highest mount in peninsular Malaysia. so, wait for the pics and i even know that i am fit enough to reach the peak. haha.. 
see ya soon!!


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