Monday, January 17, 2011

Broga Hill HDR

mcm biase la deh.. (haha.. ala2 orng kelantan.) just wanna share a place where every photographer hunted to be there.. it is BROGA HILL!!.. haha.. since i study in uniten, so, this place is kind like our tempt melempiaskn nafsu keboringan.. haha.. siyes btol.. kadang2 mlm tue xleh tido.. then kejut budak2 "weh, jom g broga.." kul 5pg pg broga.. tengok sunset, kuar kn keringat di pg hari.. tmpat nie pagi2 mmg laa tersgt laa ramai orng.. kalu hujung minggu tue.. toksah cite la.. yg xbley blah tue.. ada plak orng amik duit parking kete.. if the auntie reading this, i just wanna say that "auntie..sori maa,, we nailed it!!". its been 2 times we managed to escaped from paying the parking ticket. u wanna now how?
 haha.. i think its better to keep this as secret. haha.. cian kat untie tue maa..
ok.. lets uploading the pics..

this pic was taken during my first time visit. with kembara uniten. this club was the one who responsible taken me as nature lover, and hiker. btw, they rock!!  

ok, lets settle down, there are a few more pics from my last visit, but at this moment i uploading this entry, there are none in  my laptop, (in my memory card actually, leaning far away from positon. haha.. mood mlas gler nk gerak).. ok, dont assume as i am a fatty loser boy ok! btw, being fat is nothing but cute.. haha.. mood nk sedapkn ati sebab perut semakin kehadapan.. haha.

ok laa.. since i got a lab test tommorow.. lets get nerd!! (pesanan khidmat masyarkat ikhlas dari saifuddin)
"i never give m student zero maa.. but pls, dont be the first!!" (dr.yap bon kar,2011) haha.. 

thats it!!


  1. OMGEEEEEEE!!!!! cantik gila your pics!!!!!
    *ok sorry comment sini. asal tak tegur kat putrajaya? cesssss...

  2. haha.. awok segan r.. u bergelak sakan ngan member u, xkn tibe2 nk tegur.. "hi maria, im ur blog follower!!". ok, next time i will.. thanks btw

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
    jeles seyh. sgt nice giler okeyhhh
    nk jugaks


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