Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Rights Never Goes Right (Dialogue with UNITEN's management vs Student)


hi guys.. as the title above, today entry would be about a rebellion from student society in Uniten, fact, there are a few blog already post this matter such as this sesumpah girl. eh, wait!! Rebellion?? wow, but that was not such a violent as you is just a dialogue organize by MPP Uniten. this was regarding a very modern electric meter installed in every apartment in student hostel. it was said to encourage the student to berjimat cermat.. but there are a few issues that not fair from student point of view.

"hey saifuddin!! u are even stay in the apartment.. u are staying
outside rite? yes am i.. but is it  wrong if i just wanna support my friend and just playing role as a student.. haha.. walhal suke rebel2, reformasi mcm nie.. haha.. and i was expecting at least a banner, student shouting at the back, but Uniten's student are so cute. none of us made that such thing..haha..

when i was entering the DSS, i was stopped by the pok guard. "id mane?" then i showed mine, "nie camera nk buat ape? camera xboleh bawak masuk!!" i was like "huh!!, nie nk masuk mahkamah ker? saya disuruh oleh budak shutters Uniten". haha.. walhal mmg nk amik gmbr pon.. then a MPP came and asked me to stay at a one place. siyes mcm kene tahan kat airport. xlepas imegresen. Do i look like pendatang tanpa izin? haha.. but the most unacceptable nyer, there were a few student, staff taking camera here and there, but why i xboleh bwk camera? siot!! then, i was so desperate to bring my camera, i asked the MPP that Nano (MMP HI COM) asked me to take picture. haha. sori Nano for using ur name without ur permission. and the MPP allow me to go in. and even he asking for apologize.. haha.. ok macha!! apologize accepted.. haha.. the art of lying.

then, i saw almost every student wearing red. that the way they protesting. totally superb! and of course i wearing my red devil jersey.. haha..
this man asking about visa kot!

ok, here the issues,

1. they installed the topup electric meter in the middle of sem, so, those student who staying at the apartment have no choice accept to pay the electric bil.they suppose install the stuff before a new sem started,so the student have a choice whether to stay in the apartment or not.

so, UNITEN'S MANAGEMENT is cornering UNITEN students 
asking with sense of humor.

2. the apartment fee for sharing room is RM 200 per month. so, we started this sem at 30Nov, and the last exam paper for student is ON 30 Mac. so, it is exact 4month. But the problem is, the student have to pay extra half month which made extra RM 100 for sharing and RM 140 for single. imagine 1000 tenants paying extra 100. you do the math!!

so, UNITEN'S MANAGEMENT is cheating UNITEN students.

3.If the student is paying electric bil with separate bil, why the apartment fee is still at the same price? and the rate is much higher that other residence rate. 40sen per KW/H instead of 27sen per KW/H.? why UNITEN student has to pay with  industrial rate? if the rate is still the same, i suggest management changing the name of apartment. from apartment cendikiawan to Motel cendikiawan.

so, UNITEN'S MANAGEMENT is generate money from UNITEN student

he talk too much, but parking,dog, safety never solved
4.if the management is able to find money to install the topup electric meter, why thousand issues from 3-4 years ago cannot be settled down? about the broken elevator, aircond, broken furniture,bus, safety, parking and other facilities that not well maintanaced.

so, UNITEN'S MANAGEMENT is ignoring UNITEN student voice 

sokongan penuh pelajar

if to list out all the questions last night, there was no full stop, but the most disappointing is the answer given was not solid, they dwelling with the fact which we doesnt know the truth, and mostly they were giving answer like celebrity such as.. all that is speculation, we will look into it, ooh!! that one is still in discussion, we never knew it was happen, no one lodge a report. and the tactic was so licik.. they were collecting the question, but only answer a few of them.. what a shame!!

but there is one thing i agree with the management, about the attitude of the student, the way they threw the question was totally rude. but not all of them, just a few. just imagine ur father is on the stage, and others talking to ur father rudely.. what will u do bout it?

besides, i was charming how the deans dare to accept the dialogue, they knew the students were so angry but they able to TRY calm it down. but like u knew.. it was in vain. haha.. pakguard pon pnoh kat blakang.. brani laa dia.. haha..

ok, thats it from me.. enjoy the pic.




  1. macam tak ada hasil apa2 bila buat dialog ni ! tmpt kitowang dah mcm curah air ke daun keladi je yop ! cepat lah 2012..nakhabis!!!

  2. masih belum jelas solusi untuk perkara ini ,nice one ,harap uniten tak "cakap x serupa bikin "we love uniten

  3. solusi by uniten:

    1)electric rate decrease by 15%, jd 32sen kw/h
    2)cover jalan berlubang dengan simen
    3)menyediakan parking yg tidak berturap
    4)install extra spotlight at murni and a better security.

    korng nilai sendiri..


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