Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hasif & Ryna mengikat cinta hahaha..

ok!! sila geli ngan title di atas!! those are not my words. it belong to my previous mentor in photography who responsible to bring me in this kind of business. orait.. this engagement party was belong to Hasif and Rina. my partner, mahadi (btw, he is insurance seller) , i as  photog and zaki as videographer were very lucky to get this chance to shoot this event coz they were preparing a very tip top roasted lamb and briyani gam. sori to say it here but they were totally burst my lust. haha.. (balik dengan

Monday, January 17, 2011

Broga Hill HDR

mcm biase la deh.. (haha.. ala2 orng kelantan.) just wanna share a place where every photographer hunted to be there.. it is BROGA HILL!!.. haha.. since i study in uniten, so, this place is kind like our tempt melempiaskn nafsu keboringan.. haha.. siyes btol.. kadang2 mlm tue xleh tido.. then kejut budak2 "weh, jom g broga.." kul 5pg pg broga.. tengok sunset, kuar kn keringat di pg hari.. tmpat nie pagi2 mmg laa tersgt laa ramai orng.. kalu hujung minggu tue.. toksah cite la.. yg xbley blah tue.. ada plak orng amik duit parking kete.. if the auntie reading this, i just wanna say that "auntie..sori maa,, we nailed it!!". its been 2 times we managed to escaped from paying the parking ticket. u wanna now how?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet & greeting Nasional Heroes

As i said in my previous post, i am going to Meet & Greeting Nasional Heroes at Upper Rooftop One Utama, Damansara on 9 Januari 2011. so, seems my roommate was the lucky person that i bring along. i just can bring 1 friend along.. so, on 4.30pm we arrived there. after register our named, took the pass, and merchandise bag, we eager giler masuk berlari-lari anak.. haha.. as we expected, fans already sang a few song which is i even never heard of it.. but the song was good. cheering up the team. haha..

the event was so happening gler!! bukn sebab ada satay,meat ball,roti jala, air sirap pon boley.. but fans never being more friendly.. cool beb. but ape yg "what da fakk upp" nyer.. security yg mcm

Friday, January 7, 2011

Yan & Redzuan -Simpang Renggam, Johor.


happy weekend guys.. as i am alone today, so, no one will ask me "weh, jom main PS, jom kuar minum cendol, jom lepak". so, facing my whity lappy (of course bukn apple. sye orng ssh!!), i got more time to browsing and explore my another very2 old pictures that i captured 14 june 2010. here i wanna share my experience when being the official photog for this event. if i would give the title, it would be DISASTER.

if are familiar with bandar Simpang renggam.. this town was like 'cowboy city'. ok!, jgn saman sye, sye orng susah. haha..diorng nikah kat surau nearby the bride house. so, after mgrib i went to the place.. well, it was so scary merry because rumah dia mcm xnk jaoh masuk dlm plak. msuk estet bagai.. fuh!! dah la xada lampu jalan, nasib baik bwk kawan sorng.. kalu x.. mau aku degr hantu kak limah nyayi enjit2 semut. well, tak jiwa photographer r amik gmbr kat bndr jer kn.. so, with the 100 % confident, we arrived at the surau.. and there was no one except a few monkeys stay on the roof of surau.. fuh!! aku salh kampung ker? then i called the bride.. "kak yan, btol kn tempt nie, asal xada orng?" and she replied " jap2.. akak tgh solek ag.. abg wan pon x smpai ag ek.. tggu r kat ctu jap". wokeh la.. then, i took out my gears, apply the batteries and BOOOOM!!! I was

Monday, January 3, 2011

Muhammad Naufal Akif Bin Nazri

 setelah berguling2 berkali2 dalam bilik untuk menidurkan diri, percubaan ku gagal. usha2 gambar2 dalam laptop nie.. jumpe lak gambar2 anak sdare nie (eh, kalu anak sepupu panggil ape ek?) xkisah laa, meh snie aku upload. 

name dia muhammad naufal akif, mate dia bulat, pipi dia 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gempak Desa ASTRO and Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.. as i said in previous post, here are some pictures on Gempak Desa ASTRO held July 2009. best gler..! artis astro yg sporting.. Pastu nasib baik abg zainal alam tue is one of the super senior in my school. so i just take an advantage on that. easy to go inside.. haha.. but the climax of that nite was watching Mawi. but after a long wait.. (around 2hours to be exact) here he come. haha.. now.. i present to you, the most wanted artist of the glorious year of 2009... MAWI!!!!!!