Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gempak Desa ASTRO and Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.. as i said in previous post, here are some pictures on Gempak Desa ASTRO held July 2009. best gler..! artis astro yg sporting.. Pastu nasib baik abg zainal alam tue is one of the super senior in my school. so i just take an advantage on that. easy to go inside.. haha.. but the climax of that nite was watching Mawi. but after a long wait.. (around 2hours to be exact) here he come. haha.. now.. i present to you, the most wanted artist of the glorious year of 2009... MAWI!!!!!!

Antara aksi2 yg berjaya aku snap. comey2 gk orng kg aku.. haha.. 

zainal alam rocks!! mawi.. boleh la.. haha..

artis Malaysia nie lawa2..  (whatthehell im talkin' bout)

among the celebs that rocks that nite. hazama, akma and zainal alam jer yg aku knal.. haha..

i just love the sequence.. not because im gay ok!! im aint gay im ok!!


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