Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet & greeting Nasional Heroes

As i said in my previous post, i am going to Meet & Greeting Nasional Heroes at Upper Rooftop One Utama, Damansara on 9 Januari 2011. so, seems my roommate was the lucky person that i bring along. i just can bring 1 friend along.. so, on 4.30pm we arrived there. after register our named, took the pass, and merchandise bag, we eager giler masuk berlari-lari anak.. haha.. as we expected, fans already sang a few song which is i even never heard of it.. but the song was good. cheering up the team. haha..

the event was so happening gler!! bukn sebab ada satay,meat ball,roti jala, air sirap pon boley.. but fans never being more friendly.. cool beb. but ape yg "what da fakk upp" nyer.. security yg mcm
kiteorng nie pengganas yg nk gigit kaki raja gopabal.. tp mmg r dia jlankn tugas jer. ceh.. kaber tol.. 

worait.. lets go the point. 
i was registered as a guest means there was a certain area that i not allowed to be in. but after the player changing their cloth preparing for the sidang akhbar (tibe2 lost ape dlm bi) haha.. ok, forget it!.. i asked my frens, his name is yop. "weh, jom kite masuk pintu kat court nie, pas2 masuk kat tempat vip". haha.. so, we went as planned. buat muke reporter. haha.. then, mmg dpt shot depan mate laa. ada lense 17-50 jer. xleh zoom jao2.. so, we have to be close the get the best shot. ble dh msuk, mmg xkuar r.. haha.. smpai laa sidang akhbar.. gler nice!! i was standing among the news photog, reporters, and the most interesting part is, i was standing beside syafiq then Khairul fahmi.. chatting with them and shot them in the close range. haha.. out of blue, i heard "bro, ko guest ker media?" mase tue cuak gak as i thought he was asking me, but actually he was  asking my fren who standing behind me. tp still cuak, coz am i next? then buat bz2 shoot.. haha.. 
konklusi nye.. never get busted!! haha..

let see the pics..

parents safee sali

reaksi ketika disindir bkl berkahwin

a few supporters cheering the moment 

me inside the paper.. walhal cume tangan n camera jer visible. haha.. (me in the white shirt)

yg aku kagum tue.. ada sorng media, i dont know from which company, gne nikon d40 and speedlite nissin.. that d40 was like so last year, basic DSLR. dia ckp sufficient for a news paper. haha.. gerek r bro.!!

instead of using "btw", im using dsi (disamping itu).. thanks to Nike Malaysia for inviting me be a part of this event..

besides.. i wanna thanks to Anis Nadiah, Mclynn, Sir Iz, Sherry, Dr.imran, kinah raudhah, and zarith, and last but not least, Amirul (yg td blanje aku wafer) for your "heart broken" birthday celebration las saturday night. korng mmg rock gler r.. mle2 mmg kecik ati beb, tp the better word is LOST actually. overwhelming my head. haha.. ckp nk sambut my besday, but ble dah smpai kat ctu, smbut besday orng lain.. mmg "kureng r" haha..  thanks guys.. love u 4 eva2.

thanks for stopping by..


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