Friday, January 7, 2011

Yan & Redzuan -Simpang Renggam, Johor.


happy weekend guys.. as i am alone today, so, no one will ask me "weh, jom main PS, jom kuar minum cendol, jom lepak". so, facing my whity lappy (of course bukn apple. sye orng ssh!!), i got more time to browsing and explore my another very2 old pictures that i captured 14 june 2010. here i wanna share my experience when being the official photog for this event. if i would give the title, it would be DISASTER.

if are familiar with bandar Simpang renggam.. this town was like 'cowboy city'. ok!, jgn saman sye, sye orng susah. haha..diorng nikah kat surau nearby the bride house. so, after mgrib i went to the place.. well, it was so scary merry because rumah dia mcm xnk jaoh masuk dlm plak. msuk estet bagai.. fuh!! dah la xada lampu jalan, nasib baik bwk kawan sorng.. kalu x.. mau aku degr hantu kak limah nyayi enjit2 semut. well, tak jiwa photographer r amik gmbr kat bndr jer kn.. so, with the 100 % confident, we arrived at the surau.. and there was no one except a few monkeys stay on the roof of surau.. fuh!! aku salh kampung ker? then i called the bride.. "kak yan, btol kn tempt nie, asal xada orng?" and she replied " jap2.. akak tgh solek ag.. abg wan pon x smpai ag ek.. tggu r kat ctu jap". wokeh la.. then, i took out my gears, apply the batteries and BOOOOM!!! I was
shocked because i left one of the batteries.. then, how can i shoot?? so, i got only one battery.. the, i removed the battery grip.. apply the battery and DAMN!!,  where is my battery cap for camera.. it disappears from my bag. huh!!, i find anything that can hold the battery. luckily i found one small wooden stick.. boleh laa main sumbat2. baterry tue x kuar.. problem pertama solved!! then i was lega gler ok!! tros tried nk amik gmbr.. at the moment i want to put the camera near to my eye.. BOOMM!!.. where is the mamory card!! huh.. then i called my mum, asking whether there is anything on the table in my room.. yes it is!! i left my battery and the memory cards on the table. walopun cuaca agak sejuk.. tp berpeloh!! mcm mane nie.. nk kol member2 mmg xdan r.. jaoh kot kat snie.. so, i waited the groom arrived, then asking any one of them if there bring digital camera.. luckly, there was a girl.. (awek cantik tue).. ada camera. so i just asking want to borrow her memory card. luckily if is SD card. haha.. xpasl2 dpt no awek tue.. yela.. nk pulang kad tue esok.. haha..

finally these are the pictures..

btw, i just received a mail from NIKE Malysia..
the email sound like this..

"You have been selected as one of the lucky few who will be attending this exclusive insider access session with the likes of Safee Sali, Safiq Rahim, Coach K. Rajagobal & more!

You are allowed to bring one (1) guest to the event and they must be the age of 26 years old and below (born 1984 onwards). Please send us their full names, IC no & contact details for guest list and tracking purposes. If their names are not on the list and under the age of 26 and below, they will be denied entry to the event.

Guests details:
Full Name:
IC No:
Contact No:

The exclusive meet & greet signing session details are as follows;

Date: 9th January 2011
Day: Sunday
Time: 4:30pm
Venue: Padang Futsal Centre, Upper Rooftop, 1 Utama."

anyone want to accompany me?

thats all..
thanks for stopping by..
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