Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mya Sarah..


orait.. that was the first time i have a photoshoot with model pose in front of my camera, and also that was the first time i shoot dlm longkang at JB waterfront. smapai Polis dtg soung kiteorng. haha..

from the other side, i knew someone is not easy when i upload this kind of picture. yela, shoot model pompuan, sexy, aurat n smua, but for me, this is in the learning process, and  i dont give a damn who was talking behind.

for me, portrait is
the most difficult line in photography. we have to take care of the light, body posture, pose, lighting, make-up and the so on..

so, enjoy the pics..


ble la nk buat page tutorial nie.. bz memanjang..
page gallery pon akan dibuat atas cadangan cik skru kite nie..

wokeh. thats all for tonite..


pg the store bli atromen,
jom komen..