Wednesday, May 25, 2011

help me JPA..(starving mode)


dear miss J..
i remember on that time, u asking me to stay, place that i dream nights and days, i waited 2 years to go there, but at the end of it, u just ripped it away. u know it was hard to me but i never object ur decision coz i know u know better, u know what is good for me. i cried but what can i do some more besides accept your decision. but still i stay by ur side. i never attempt to find someone else. how loyal am i. but why u did this to me?

dear miss J..
i remember on the first sem.. u asking me to meet u at putrajaya, i went there. u asking me to call, i called even only on the 5th u answer it. u asked me to emel u, i emel even on that time, it was hard to find the internet connection. i never complaint. i know u are the only one but why u did this to me?

dear miss J..
last sem, u asked me to meet u. i went there even. i dress up, wearing a necktie, wore shining shoes, put some gel on my hair. u know i got dynamic class on that day, miss Zaimah plan to teach the last chapter but i skipped that class even i know it was so important. i dont wanna let u disappointed. but why u did this to me?

dear miss J..
u asked me to keep pointer above 2.5. if i'm not, u will leave me. i work hard night and day, burning the midnight oil, to keep that promise. but why u did this to me?

dear miss J..
all i'm asking is to keep ur promise, never hold it on, do ur job, cz if u are not, someone here will suffer, someone here will starving, gasping for food, find a way to earn extra money. that all!!

dear miss J..
u know rite im 22 this year, what ever ur decision is, to postpone, to skip or whatever it is, everything i will take in account when i deliver my vote.

so miss J..
i hope u understand my situation. i have to buy so many books, to pay house rental, and other utilities. plz plz..

p/s-orait, this blog entirely i dedicated to my beloved step mother, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA).


  1. haha...sabo la ..
    ske dtng usya gambo kat cnie...SUPERB!..
    btw the way..posa je la...xdela nk starving sngt kan????

  2. haha.. tue laa pasal, dah pose dah. nie pon berat dah trun 1kg. haha.. tq skru!!

  3. haha..bru 1kg..
    pose lg..
    agak2 da trun 10 kg..baru mkn..
    law xmkn..tkut angin tiup je da terbang nnt.. wee~


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