Friday, November 25, 2011

murai and klpost


post ini adalah post unutk mempoyo.. hehe.. orait, the thing is , there is nothing to be pround of actually cume gmbar-gambar aku yang aku amik untuk Lanz A to Z telah berjaya menerombos (haha) blog murai and klpost. hehe..

those are the screen shot from my lappy.hehe..

if u want to read the full report, dont hesitate to click here..

then, this is the review from kl post plak..haha..

sori, for this post, i dont have the link here. but u can still find it thou. if u insist la.. haha..

nak tau ape effect after they post this pics? my blog hit naik mencanak-canak.. 1000+ in a week. compare to blogger lain, mmg r 1k+ tue benda kecik, tp aku bukn blogger sejati.. hehe..

ok, that is for today, ada gmbr dinner hanyang university of korea punya dinner aku tak upload ag, gmbr lan A to Z punye reception aku tak up ag.. tak sempat r der..

that all for now..


best regard,

btw, aku dpt tmpat practical smalam. Alhamdulillah, oil and gas company, based in KL but the place me at Pasir Gudang. tq gak kat Jobstreet!.. hehe..


  1. tq eb.. haha..
    ecah @ ugly betty.. haha.. aku dah gile skung.. keje bnyak!!


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