Monday, November 14, 2011

convocation day!!


i think this is the first time i uploaded a convocation pictures. i was last 2 week i think. the most busy bee week i ever had after all.. haha.. yela, jumaat, plan to shoot my bestfriend namely mclynn and anis, but mclynn was extreamly late and the weather was not cool to us.. so then kite postponed. sabtu i went to Janda Baik, Lan A to Z pre wedding, tue pon hujan jugak.., then ahad, pg bukit Jalil, taman mesia. it was awesome. taman tue mcm cool gler. menarik!! Kinah and the gang sangat cool beans.. even diorang pon lambat.

however, i managed to get it done, tp cian r kat diorng, kejap panas gler, kejap hujang (ganu skit ). mmg mcm kanak2 riang aku buat diorng. haha.. 

orait, cut the crap.. enjoy the pics..

ok then.. that all for today..


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pg the store bli atromen,
jom komen..