Wednesday, December 29, 2010

huh!! my first entry..!! first assignment.

Since this is the first time i try to involve in berblogging SERIOUSLY (first tyme la sgt) coz before this i have try to put my words but it doesnt work coz i dont know what to write. i just enjoyed reading blogs and want to try by myself. but i wasnt born to be a writer.. haha.. (dah mle dah nie..)

okey!! just wanna show you my first assignment.

A nite wedding between KHAIRUDDIN & NADIRAH. they have beeen married a year ago.. ( year ago?? yes, a year ago) but in India. due to
some technical prob.. she (the bride) cannot fly to Malaysia. Means the bride is purely Indian.

everything is fine except the bride didnt understand malay at all. so, i have to speak London laa.. gler r..! saifuddin speaking.. haha.. but the problem is, even i speak a perfect english pon ( i think laa..) dia still xpham. las2.. ckp jer kat laki dia.. laki dia translate kn.. puhh!!

thats all.. thanks for stopping by..


pg the store bli atromen,
jom komen..